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We are a leading video production based in Mumbai (Maharashtra). Operating for various Television and Digitals Channels all across India.

We specialize in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production. From independent cutting-edge cinema to mainstream mega-budget Bollywood blockbusters; to being the hub of the advertising industry in India, and increasingly, Asia, you will find it all here.

The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from music video to advertising agency to feature films.

Our pool of directorial talent is pretty evolved, creating ads and films that showcase stunning visual effects, hard-hitting performances and full scale animation films.

Going with our tag line

‘Stitching idea’s’ we do custom tailoring of production, which definitely help to gain more eyeballs for the client product.

Professional Video Editing Services In Mumbai

Experienced Professionals At Your Disposal

With Net Editing Studio, you will have access to some of the best editing and filmmaking professionals in town. With years of experience under our belts, we help you create innovative videos that strike the right chord with the viewers. All our team members have garnered professional experience in the industry, having worked with top-notch producers and brands.

Vast Umbrella Of Services

Net Editing Studio provides you with a wide range of filmmaking and editing services in Mumbai. Whether you want to create a television commercial, a film (short or feature), a music video, or a corporate video, we have got you covered! Our filmmakers are trained in every field to give you nothing but the best!

Latest And Relevant Editing Software

All our editors use state-of-the-art software tools to give you the preferred look for your video. From impeccable color grading to just the right amount of visual effects, our services involve using some of the latest and most relevant software tools. If you have specific requirements for the same, we will make the necessary arrangements.

Stitched To Perfection!

The reason behind our taglin e “stitching ideas” is our personalized services. All our services are tailored to your preferences. We understand the need to be unique and stand out from the clutter. Whatever your requirements are, we will help you find your unique voice and create engaging videos to propagate the same.

Timely Delivery

With Net Editing Studio, you need not worry about late deliveries. We will give you a timeline for your project with an estimated delivery date. All our professionals will ensure that you get the finished video on or before the due date.

Focus On Creativity

With content creation coming to the forefront of all marketing campaigns, the need to stand out from the clutter is high. As your video editing company in Mumbai, we will help you craft quirky videos that do not conform to mainstream trends. We do not believe in working on our first thoughts and always bring something new to the table.

Cost-effective Services

Staying true to our motto of “stitching ideas,” we price our services according to your budget and video production requirements. Rest assured, we will not burn deep holes in your pockets with sky-high rates! Whatever your needs and preferences are, you will receive the most affordable video editing services in Mumbai.

A Glimpse Of Our Services

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos help organizations build their reputation and solidify their positions in the market. Whether you want a corporate video intended for your customers or stakeholders, we will help you create your masterpiece! Our professional corporate video production services help you incorporate your company’s beliefs in a string of moving images!

From creating innovative product videos and demos to covering events and testimonials, we will help you capture your company’s essence in a host of different videos. Consider us your marketing buddies who use the medium of filmmaking to spread your corporate messages far and wide!

Television And Digital Commercials

Our team members have worked on ads featuring on leading television channels and digital platforms. The audio-visual form of advertising is arguably the best way to drive your marketing message home. Irrespective of the industry you operate in, we will help you shoot and edit innovative commercials for a variety of different platforms. We will also tailor our services depending on the media platform(s) you target. From conventional TVCs to YouTube ads, there is nothing our team of filmmaking heroes cannot do!

Short And Feature Films

Do you have an idea that is ready to take the shape of a motion picture? Have you shot your dream film and want professional editors to bring it to life? If the answer to these questions is a resounding “yes,” you have landed on the right page! If you have a story to tell, Net Editing Studio will help you capture it on screen in the best way possible.

Our Video Production Process


As you approach us with your project, we will brainstorm and give you a clear sense of direction. If you are open to new ideas, we will help you formulate a concept that best works for your project. This stage also involves creating and finalizing the script for your corporate video, ad, or film.

Video Production

Net Editing StuVideo production is the core of any filmmaking project. This is when the script comes to life and is converted into moving images! Our team of professionals will give you complete video production support to ensure that every shot is beautifully captured.

Post Production

Once the footages are shot, our editors, visual effects artists, and sound experts will give the final look to your video. From giving your film a coherent look to adding the right colors to your frames, this is when we breathe life into your project!

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Net Editing Studio

We are a leading video production based in Mumbai (Maharashtra). Operating for various Television and Digitals Channels all across India. We specialize in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production.